You and Me VS The World, No More.



Kumpulan tweet berhashtag #PecahdiUbud yang gue coba bentuk menjadi satu cerita. Well, it still sucks but hey, at least I update my blog. 😀

We hurt each other even in silent. We don’t need to say the words, our eyes were filled with pain already. Maybe it was love. Maybe it was lust. And maybe what hurt the most was the high expectation. The way we hurt each other just to show how we loved each other was tiring, wasn’t it? Memories fade as time goes by or gone, just like that, with no trace. But we always remember how it hurt. I hurt you. You hurt me more. Then we said goodbye when all we wanted to say was ‘forgive me’. The ego has landed.

I wanted to say ‘please stay’ but the words froze in my brain, leave me wondering: what did we do wrong? Maybe you will never know that… I’m falling endlessly…

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